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Exceptional customer experiences start with a comfortable environment.

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An outing to the theatre can be marred by poor sound quality. The relaxed ambience of a favourite restaurant is spoilt by noise amplified by too many hard surfaces. A good night’s sleep is ruined by noisy neighbours or from the nightclub downstairs.

Insulation reduces unwanted noise, ensuring customers can shop, dine, and enjoy their experience with pleasure. It also helps maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the day, enhancing the thermal comfort of patrons.

Using our range of sustainable insulation materials – in walls and ceilings, under floors and roofs, around building services, and in and around the HVAC – we help designers build more comfortable leisure and retail environments.

How insulation helps to create better environments

  • In Australia, the hotel industry accounts for about 12%, and the retail sector is responsible for an estimated 36% of energy use in non-residential buildings. These are some of the most energy-intensive commercial structures, primarily due to air conditioning, space heating, and water heating demands. Insulation works to increase a building’s energy efficiency, reducing the thermal load on HVAC systems.1
  • In hospitality, an inviting atmosphere improves the customer experience and encourages them to return. Insulation is an essential part of the building fabric design, improving customer comfort by minimising drafts, overheating, and noise, enhancing the guest experience.
  • Controlling external and internal sound leakage is crucial to reducing noise disturbance and supporting patron satisfaction, particularly in a concert hall or movie theatre.

At Fletcher Insulation we’ll help you specify the optimal insulation materials for your retail, hospitality, and entertainment building projects.

We provide solutions that contribute to creating:

  • a healthier indoor environment
  • reduced energy solutions to control costs and environmental impact
  • higher Green-Star ratings and WELL certification
  • safe, fire-resistant construction systems .

Taking a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of people

Ensuring a positive customer experience is essential for business sustainability in restaurants, retail stores, and hospitality venues.

A comprehensive approach incorporating effective insulation and intelligent building design further enhances people’s wellbeing.

The health of people working in retail, hospitality, and entertainment environments is of particular concern. Research shows that when it’s very cold or hot, there’s a higher chance of getting hurt or sick at work.2

In extreme thermal conditions, discomfort can lead to adverse behavioural consequences. These include disorientation, impaired judgment, decreased concentration, reduced vigilance, carelessness, and fatigue. Chronic ailments like respiratory and skin diseases can also worsen due to factors linked to extreme temperatures. Good IAQ supports respiratory health and overall comfort.

Well-designed buildings consider thermal comfort, acoustic quality, indoor air quality, energy efficiency, access to natural elements, flexibility, and user-centred design. They enhance physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, and provide exceptional and sustainable experiences.

The importance of acoustic comfort

Acoustic comfort is often underrated as a key concern for a building’s occupants. But we know that continual and unavoidable noise exposure negatively impacts individuals’ wellbeing and health.

  • Noise pollution can be a significant source of discomfort in retail, entertainment, and hospitality settings.3
  • Shopping centres are places full of sensory stimuli. Excessive noise is a common problem having adverse effects on verbal communication and the perception of the spoken word.4
  • The continuous operation of noise sources like ventilation and air-conditioning systems raises sound levels, significantly degrading acoustic quality, especially in atrium spaces. Insulation decreases sound reverberation in walls and ceilings, helping to avoid sensory overload.
  • Insulation materials can effectively control noise transmission, reducing the impact of external sounds and internal disturbances. Smart designs incorporate sound-absorbing materials, layout optimisation, and proper room acoustics to create tranquil and enjoyable environments.

Fletcher Insulation products are designed on the principle that quality acoustic design supports the health and wellbeing of all people in our community.

Controlling indoor thermal comfort, air quality and building condensation

Maintaining the right temperature, ventilation, and level of humidity indoors enhances people’s wellbeing.

In a retail, hospitality, and leisure setting, it also increases their enjoyment and satisfaction with the experience.

Factors contributing to poor thermal efficiency include unwanted air leakage and insufficient ceiling, underfloor, and wall insulation.

The key to Fletcher Insulation’s approach is to devise a tailored solution for each type of building project. Whether you’re planning a large multi-use shopping complex or a boutique luxury resort, there’s always a solution to match.

We offer a range of insulation solutions that help reduce reliance on artificial cooling and heating systems and improve indoor air quality.

Protecting people and buildings from fire

Fire-safe workplaces safeguard lives and assets. Designing a fire-resilient building means prioritising the daily needs of its occupants. For architects shaping retail and leisure spaces, this means choosing materials that enhance safety.

Passive fire protection strategies, using non-combustible or low flammability materials to slow or impede the spread of fire or smoke by compartments, give occupants time to escape, and minimise risk to property and equipment, and the operation of businesses.

As well as meeting the National Construction Code (NCC), the standards and minimum requirements of insurers also come into play. It’s possible that opting for inferior insulation solutions could inflate insurance premiums.

By integrating Fletcher Insulation’s glasswool products into external cladding and internal partitions, you guarantee compliance with Australian Standards for combustibility—a crucial aspect of fire safety.

Fletcher Insulation steps up with a proven range of insulation solutions. Crafted from sustainable, non-combustible or low flammability materials, our products prioritise the wellbeing of people and buildings alike. Our expert team assists designers and specifiers to select the ideal fire-safe solution for your project’s unique challenges.

For the good of the planet

As the cost of energy rises, businesses are looking for ways to conserve their operating costs. That’s why our range of energy efficient solutions make commercial sense for property owners and managers.

It’s also reassuring to know that Fletcher Insulation continues to invest in sustainable manufacturing processes.

We help reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment by:

  • making insulation with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)
  • ensuring our insulation products support healthy indoor air quality and contain no harmful levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • using recycled materials in our manufacturing process wherever possible – about 80% of the glass used in our glasswool insulation is recycled, transforming a waste product, and avoiding landfill.

Insulation Benefits

Thermal Performance

Maximising the Fletcher Insulation thermal performance advantages

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Acoustic Performance

Elevating quality of life with acoustic excellence

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Condensation Management

Supporting you in condensation management

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Energy Efficiency

Driving better building energy efficiency across Australia

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Protection from Elements

Protecting structures, enhancing comfort and supporting good indoor air quality

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Fire Performance

Protecting people and buildings from fire

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Indoor Air Quality

Facilitating good indoor air quality (IAQ) with Fletcher Insulation

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Whether you’re designing a multi-use retail space or a large, air-conditioned cinema complex, calibrating the right acoustic and thermal environment is always a challenge.

Effective roof insulation will help minimise noise disturbance and provides a protective thermal, condensation control, and fire-resistant layer.

Fletcher Insulation has a comprehensive range of insulation solutions to meet the most demanding performance requirements for retail, hospitality, and entertainment buildings.

  • The Permastop® range of building blankets have outstanding thermal and acoustic properties. Particularly suitable for metal roofs, Permastop® reduces heat transfer and minimises the internal reverberation and flow of distracting noise from outside the building, such as rain on a metal roof. They also minimise the risk of condensation that can form in metal cladding.
  • To reduce thermal bridging, we recommend using Roof Razor combined with Permastop®. Roof Razor allows full recovery of the insulation blanket between the safety wire mesh and metal cladding. By combining these products, your building will achieve optimum thermal performance and meet or exceed NCC requirements.
  • For buildings with a concrete roof structure, your best choice is our Pink® Thermal Slab With excellent thermal and acoustic absorption properties, this product drives energy efficiency, and helps control noise and temperature fluctuations common to concrete roofs. Pink® Thermal Slab provides excellent fire performance for ceiling lining applications, achieving AS 5637.1 Group 1 NCC fire classification.  It is AS4859.1 Codemark certified for Thermal performance, providing confidence and certainty through the issue of a Certificate of Conformity and demonstrating ‘evidence of suitability’ requirements of the NCC.

By specifying products from the Fletcher Insulation range, you’ll guarantee the effective management of indoor temperature, moisture, and humidity for your building project. Not only will this help prevent structural damage down the track, but you’ll also be protecting the health of all building users.

More details in PRODUCTS.

External Walls

External wall insulation has an important role in the health and safety of people at work and at play.

As well as playing a fundamental role in energy efficiency and helping maintain optimal thermal conditions within the building, it improves acoustics as well. It must also meet stringent fire performance requirements.

  • For buildings with a structural steel frame and external cladding, we recommend Sisalation® Vapawrap Residential Wall Wrap with Pink® Partition insulation between studs.
  • The Pink® Partition range of glasswool insulation is ideal for this type of application. With proven non-combustibility and acoustic performance, the product is installed in between wall framing. It also features a comprehensive range of R-values, densities, and thicknesses, and includes up to 80% recycled content.
  • Sisalation® Vapawrap Residential Wall Wrap  is designed for use in Australia’s colder climate zones, and where a vapour permeable membrane is needed.
  • For hotter, more humid climates, specifiers opt for Sisalation® Multipurpose (456) taped and sealed, along with Pink® Partition insulation between studs. Sisalation® Multipurpose (456) is an extra heavy duty, flexible water and vapour barrier, designed as a second layer of protection from water ingress for commercial wall and roofing applications.

More details in PRODUCTS.

Ceilings, Partitions, Services & Plant Rooms

Whether you’re fitting out a multi-use shopping complex or a hotel, insulation has an important role to play in the fire resilience and thermal and acoustic performance of all types of buildings.

  • Pink® Partition insulation is perfect for commercial metal-framed partitions, wall systems, and suspended ceilings. As well as delivering energy efficiencies, it features excellent thermal and acoustic qualities, making it a great choice for projects like hotels, restaurants, and shopping centres, where noise control is essential. Pink® Partition is made in Australia and is non-combustible. It not only protects lives but also limits damage in case of a fire. This means less disruption and lower costs if the worst happens. Architects and designers can be confident in specifying Pink® Partition which is AS 4859.1 CodeMark certified for Thermal performance through the issue of a Certificate of Conformity, demonstrating ‘evidence of suitability’ requirements of the NCC.
  • For internal wall systems designed with staggered stud walls, we recommend FI22 Insulation blanket – a low density, lightweight insulation blanket. Alternatively, for a blanket with superior acoustic properties, specify the FI32 Semi Rigid Insulation blanket which is made from up to 80% recycled glass. Unfaced, the F132 product commonly applied as an internal liner for air conditioning sheet metal ductwork, is also suitable for wall application due to its ease of installation.
  • For ceilings, including suspended ceilings, Pink® Partition insulation is the best product to use, especially where acoustic performance is a priority.
  • Acting as both a noise barrier as well as a noise absorber, Soundlag 4525C is an excellent insulation product for reducing noise break-out from pipes, valves, fan housings, and ductwork.
  • For plant and machinery rooms with concrete or stud walls, we recommend Pink® Thermal Slab. As well as offering exceptional fire performance, this product is effective in controlling the noise levels and temperature fluctuations of roofs, floors, and walls. Made from rigid glasswool board combined with a Sisalation® reflective foil laminate adhered to one side, this insulation is available in a variety of thicknesses to suit local conditions.

More details in PRODUCTS.

The Right Installation Matters

A well-insulated building is the cornerstone of achieving effective and sustainable energy efficiency levels. It’s essential to focus on ensuring that products and services are installed correctly to deliver their promised long term benefits.

For the good of the planet

We’re driven by a deep commitment to passionately create a better world through insulation and innovation, all delivered with simplicity.

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