Aged Care

Creating sustainable, healthy, and more comfortable environments for all older Australians in care

‘High quality’ aged care services always put older people first. That’s the finding of the 2022 Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety. 1

As our population ages, there’s even more demand for aged care facilities that better support the health of older Australians.

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Our range of sustainable insulation materials – in walls and ceilings, under floors and roofs, around building services and HVAC – help designers create more comfortable places for people to live and work.

How a building can impact the quality of life of aged care residents

The quality of indoor thermal and acoustic comfort directly impacts the health and welfare of older people living in care facilities.

  • A UK study established that an older person’s thermal perception of the environment is ‘blunted’ due to the ‘biological consequences of ageing on thermogenesis and decline in thermosensitivity’. 2
  • The study also found that people with dementia feel temperature more acutely, making them vulnerable to extremes of cold and heat. Their situation is made more difficult as they are often unable to communicate their needs to care home staff.
  • Lack of mobility can also mean that many residents cannot adjust their thermal or acoustic environment.3
  • Audiology Australia promotes good acoustic design for individuals with dementia. Their research reveals that people with dementia are particularly sensitive to their acoustic environment, and over- or under-exposure to noise can cause confusion, agitation, and aggression.4

At Fletcher Insulation, we’ll help you specify the best insulation materials for use in your residential aged care projects.

Our aim is to support better design of aged care facilities by:

  • providing an optimum environment in which people can live
  • creating a healthier indoor environment for all residents and staff
  • reducing energy usage to control costs and environmental impact
  • enabling higher Green-Star ratings and WELL certification
  • safe, fire-resistant construction systems

A holistic approach to creating healthy living environments

Better building design improves the quality of life for older people in aged care.

Our integrated approach to building insulation encompasses acoustics, indoor thermal comfort, air quality, and fire safety solutions.

A supportive acoustic environment

The ability to hear declines as we age. Speech understanding is particularly affected, impacting our ability to communicate with others.5

Minimising external noise and indoor reverberations creates a better hearing environment for elderly residents in aged care.

For people with dementia or other chronic impairments, the auditory environment can positively or negatively affect their mood. By creating a positive acoustic environment that allows for better communication, aged care residents may feel less isolated and less anxious.6

Designing for comfort incorporates sound insulation in the building envelope and between rooms. Insulation helps to absorb unwanted sounds, improve speech intelligibility, and reduce disturbing operational noise.

Fletcher Insulation designs products that create a comfortable acoustic environment to support the health and wellbeing of residents in aged care facilities.

Controlling indoor thermal comfort, air quality and building condensation

Providing residents with safe, high-quality care is fundamental in aged care facilities.

As global temperatures rise due to climate change, older people are more vulnerable 5 to heat extremes.

  • Their bodies are generally less efficient at dealing with temperature changes due to chronic illness and the effect of medications.
  • This decrease in their ability to regulate thermal conditions is exacerbated by mobility issues and their inability to change their immediate environment easily.
  • Spending most of their time indoors in an environment that’s not thermally comfortable or lacking in healthy indoor air quality, can lead to a decline in people’s physical and mental health.

Providing a comfortable and thermally efficient indoor environment for aged care residents supports their health and wellbeing. It also helps contain energy costs and avoids excessive emissions caused by inefficient heating or cooling systems.

Fletcher Insulation provides product solutions that optimise thermal comfort, condensation control, and indoor air quality in aged care facilities.

Protecting people and buildings from fire

Great building design is fire safe. It uses passive fire protection strategies to prevent a fire from starting and to slow its progress. They’re essential to protect property and people.

This is critical in aged care facilities, where people have limited mobility and physical and mental impairment.

Insulation in cladding, floors, ceilings, roofs, and around HVAC is integral to effective fire safety control.

Ensuring National Construction Code (NCC 2019 and 2022) compliance is non-negotiable. But building owners also need to consider standards and minimum requirements imposed by insurers. Choosing insulation that fails to fit these specifications could mean higher insurance premiums.

Specifying insulation that’s made of sustainable, non-combustible or low flammability materials is fundamentally smart design.

Fletcher Insulation’s range of non-combustible and low flammability insulation products are designed to keep people and buildings safe.

For the good of the planet

Fletcher Insulation’s commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment does not begin and end with supplying energy-efficient products.

It starts with our manufacturing processes.

We are working to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment by:

  • making insulation with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP).
  • ensuring our insulation products support healthy indoor air quality – our products contain no harmful levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
  • using recycled materials in our manufacturing process wherever possible. About 80% of the glass used in our glasswool insulation is recycled – by transforming a waste product, we avoid further landfill pollution.

Insulation Benefits

Thermal Performance

Maximising the Fletcher Insulation thermal performance advantages

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Acoustic Performance

Elevating quality of life with acoustic excellence

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Condensation Management

Supporting you in condensation management

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Energy Efficiency

Driving better building energy efficiency across Australia

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Protection from Elements

Protecting structures, enhancing comfort and supporting good indoor air quality

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Fire Performance

Protecting people and buildings from fire

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Indoor Air Quality

Facilitating good indoor air quality (IAQ) with Fletcher Insulation

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Effective roof insulation will help reduce noise disturbance and provide a protective thermal, condensation control, and fire-resistant layer.

Fletcher Insulation has a comprehensive range of insulation solutions to meet the most demanding performance requirements for different types of residential aged care buildings.

For metal roofing, we recommend the Permastop® range of building blankets. Made from up to 80% recycled materials, Permastop® products offer outstanding thermal and acoustic properties. Not only do they reduce heat transfer, but they also minimise internal reverberation and intrusive external noise, such as rain on a metal roof. Permastop® also minimises the risk of condensation forming under metal roof cladding.

To reduce thermal bridging, we recommend using Roof Razor® combined with Permastop®. Roof Razor allows full recovery of the insulation blanket between the safety wire mesh and metal cladding. By combining these products, you’ll achieve optimum thermal performance, plus your building will meet or exceed NCC requirements.

Your best choice for aged care buildings with concrete roofs is Pink® Thermal Slab.With exceptional thermal and acoustic absorption properties, Pink® Thermal Slab drives energy efficiency and helps control noise and temperature fluctuations common to concrete roofs. It also provides excellent fire performance for ceiling lining applications, achieving an AS 5637.1 Group 1 NCC fire classification. Codemark certified with compliance for the NCC 2022 performance requirements as Deemed-to-Satisfy Solutions for thermal insulation.

In concrete structures where aesthetics is not critical, we recommend the Permastop® range for a more economical choice. This product delivers on energy efficiency, containing costs, and keeping buildings cooler in summer and warmer in colder climates.

Fletcher Insulation has a comprehensive range of insulation solutions to meet the most demanding performance requirements for all types of residential aged care buildings.

Specifying products from the Fletcher Insulation range will not only help protect your building from structural damage down the track. You’ll be creating more comfortable living spaces where people live and thrive.

More details in PRODUCTS.

External Walls

Excessive noise disturbance has a negative effect on the physical and mental health of older people in care homes, especially for people with dementia.

Incorporating universal hearing-friendly design principles in the design of aged care buildings is essential for people’s wellbeing and their ability to communicate easily.

As well as meeting the principles of good acoustic design, external wall insulation helps manage energy efficiency, regulate indoor thermal conditions, and meet fire performance regulations.

With its outstanding, high-performance acoustic capabilities, we recommend our Pink® Partition range of glasswool insulation. It offers proven non-combustibility and excellent thermal and acoustic performance. Plus, it’s available in a comprehensive range of R-values, densities, and thicknesses.

Sisalation ® Vapawrap ® Vapour Permeable Residential Wall Wrap offers protection from the elements. An effective water vapour permeable membrane, it’s designed to minimise draughts and the risk of condensation, enabling bulk insulation to perform more effectively.

More details in PRODUCTS.

Ceilings, Partitions, Services & Plant Rooms

Fletcher Insulation’s ceiling and partition wall insulation range offers outstanding fire protection and thermal and acoustic performance.

Pink Partition ® is Australian made with up to 80% recycled content. It’s ideal for creating a comfortable and safe environment in aged care buildings. Like all Fletcher Insulation glasswool insulation products, Pink Partition is non-combustible. Not only does it protect lives, but it helps reduce the damage should a fire break out. Pink Partition insulation provides excellent thermal insulation properties, with R-values ranging from R1.2 to R3.0. Keeping buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter helps meet the thermal comfort needs of everyone living and working in age care homes. With its superior acoustic properties, Pink Partition insulation reduces background noise and sound transmission between residents’ rooms and between floors, helping to maintain a more tranquil living environment. It is Codemark certified with compliance for the NCC 2022 performance requirements as Deemed-to-Satisfy Solutions for thermal insulation.

Aged care buildings accommodate services for residential, healthcare, office, and commercial kitchen and laundry applications. Acting as a noise barrier and a noise absorber, Soundlag 4525C is an excellent insulation product for reducing noise break-out from pipes, valves, fan housings, and ductwork.

Pink Partition insulation is ideal for insulating concrete or stud walls. It’s an effective noise barrier and a noise absorber in plant and machinery rooms.

In similar environments, we recommend Pink® Thermal Slab. Pink® Thermal Slab is fire-safe and controls noise levels and temperature fluctuations in concrete roofs, floors, and walls.

More details in PRODUCTS.

The Right Installation Matters

A well-insulated building is the cornerstone of achieving effective and sustainable energy efficiency levels. It’s essential to focus on ensuring that products and services are installed correctly to deliver their promised long term benefits.

For the Good of the Planet

We’re driven by a deep commitment to passionately create a better world through insulation and innovation, all delivered with simplicity.

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