Benefit: Protection from the Elements

Protecting Structures, Enhancing Comfort and Supporting Good Indoor Air Quality

Here at Fletcher Insulation, we carefully consider the performance, durability and resilience of our products for their specific building application. Our quality building membranes, comprising wall wraps and roof sarkings, are developed to go beyond basic structural protection during construction. They not only protect against water ingress and help control water vapour, to assist in condensation management, but also act as guardians of clean indoor air.

Shielding Against Water Intrusion

Our building membranes act as a robust barrier, safeguarding your structure from potential harm caused by water ingress. From rain to storms, our membranes are designed to repel water, preserving the core integrity of your building and keeping it free from the detrimental effects of moisture.

Condensation Management for Comfortable Spaces

Condensation, a silent adversary, poses risks to both structure and indoor air quality. Our building membranes are engineered with a focus on effective condensation management. By creating a controlled environment that mimimises condensation risks, our solutions contribute to a healthier indoor space, reducing the likelihood of mould growth and maintaining the comfort of your building’s occupants.

Guardians of Clean Indoor Air

Beyond structural protection, our building membranes stand as guardians of clean indoor air. They form an effective barrier against outdoor pollutants such as pollen, dust, and vehicle emissions. By investing in our highly regarding insulation solutions, you not only enhance your project’s structural resilience, but also help the indoor environment remains a haven of clean and healthy air for its occupants.

Comprehensive Protection

Think of our building membranes as comprehensive defence systems. They shield against the unpredictable forces of water, help manage condensation, and act as protectors of indoor air quality. This triple-pronged approach ensures that your building remains resilient, comfortable, and conducive to a healthy living environment.

Reduced Risk with Extended UV Resistance

Our residential vapour permeable wall wrap range, not only provides a robust shield against water ingress, helps manage condensation, and works to maintain clean indoor air quality but also offers a distinct advantage in construction timelines. The UV resistance of our wall wrap minimises construction risks by allowing for an extended period for internal works to progress without the immediate installation of external cladding or brickwork. This unique feature provides construction teams with the flexibility and confidence to focus on internal aspects, streamlining the building process and enhancing overall project efficiency.

Enabling Optimal Performance of Glasswool Insulation

Our quality building membranes also play a pivotal role in optimising the performance of our bulk insulation solutions. These membranes act as a crucial line of defence against condensation, moisture ingress, and external elements, creating a protective barrier that ensures the longevity and effectiveness of our insulation materials. By effectively managing condensation, our building membranes prevent moisture from compromising the thermal performance of the glasswool insulation. This synergy between our building membranes and glasswool insulation optimises the overall thermal performance of buildings, contributing to energy efficiency and maintaining comfortable indoor environments.

Enduring Quality for Long-Term Performance

Our commitment to excellence extends to rigorous testing, ensuring that our wall wraps and roof sarkings meet and often exceed Australian Standards and National Construction Code (NCC) compliance. This dedication guarantees that our solutions provide optimal performance across diverse building applications, offering enduring quality and long-term protection against water ingress, condensation challenges, and pollutants.

In the world of construction, where each element plays a crucial role, trust Fletcher Insulation to be your dependable ally. With our tried and tested building membrane ranges, you’re not just constructing a building, you’re creating a haven that withstands the elements, protects indoor air quality, and stands as a testament to enduring quality.

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