Benefit: Fire Performance

Protecting People and Buildings from Fire

Insulation materials play a pivotal role in safeguarding both people and buildings on multiple fronts, as part of fire resistant systems:

Occupant Safety

Specially engineered to protect people from the impact of fire, Fletcher Insulation’s non-combustible glasswool insulation and low flammability building membranes (wall wraps and roof sarkings), act as critical barriers, slowing down the spread of fire and affording occupants valuable time for safe evacuation. This proactive approach is fundamental to saving lives during fire emergencies.

Property Protection

Beyond human safety, fire resistant systems contribute significantly to preserving the structural integrity of buildings. The inclusion of non-combustible glasswool insulation and low flammability building membranes from Fletcher Insulation serves as a robust defence, helping minimise damage to the property. The products comply with the relevant Australian Standards for fire and the National Construction Code. This not only reduces the financial impact but also ensures the long term structural resilience of the building should a fire occur.

It can also effectively help slow the progression of fire and smoke within specific areas of a building. This containment is instrumental in preventing the rapid spread of fire throughout the entire structure. By confining the impact, emergency responders can focus their efforts on specific areas, increasing the likelihood of successful firefighting.

Elevated Benefits of Non-Combustible Insulation

Fletcher Insulation’s glasswool products, play a paramount role in elevating the protection of both individuals and structures against the devastating impact of fire. Unlike combustible alternatives, non-combustible glasswool insulation serves as an additional defence, ensuring the insulation does not contribute to a fire.

Peace-of-Mind with Australian Standards and NCC Compliance

 All our glasswool insulation and building membranes undergo rigorous testing in compliance with Australian Standards and the National Construction Code (NCC). Our glasswool products meet AS 1530.1 Combustibility Test for Materials and are classified as non-combustible, demonstrating exceptional performance in both reaction to fire and fire resistance. The following is a list of key Australian Standards and NCC fire performance requirements our products comply with:

  • AS 1530.1 Combustibility NCC 2022 Vol 1 C2D10
  • AS 1530.2 Flammability of Materials NCC 2022 Vol 1 C2D10, C2D11 & Specification 7
  • AS/NZS 1530.3 Fire Hazard Properties NCC 2022 Vol 1 C2D11 & Specification 7
  • AS 5637.1 Fire Hazard Properties (Group No) for wall and ceiling lining materials NCC 2022 Vol 1 C2D11 & Specification 7
  • AS 3959 Bushfire Construction up to BAL–FZ

Insurance Premium Consideration

Buildings constructed using Fletcher Insulation’s materials may qualify for lower insurance premiums. Recognising and rewarding proactive measures that mitigate the risk of fire damage, insurance companies can acknowledge the value of incorporating compliant and well documented, non-combustible insulation and low flammability membranes in building design.

Business Continuity

In commercial and industrial settings, the adoption of high performing fire-resistant materials, such as non-combustible glasswool insulation, contributes significantly to the continuity of business operations. By minimising fire damage, these materials facilitate a quicker resumption of operations after a fire incident, reducing downtime and associated financial losses.

Peace of Mind

The knowledge that a building is constructed with Fletcher Insulation’s compliant non-combustible and/or fire-resistant materials instills peace of mind among occupants, building owners, and other stakeholders such as fire authorities.

Incorporating Fletcher Insulation’s non-combustible glasswool insulation and low flammability building membranes in building design is integral to the safety, resilience, and overall protection of lives, property, and investments. These materials contribute to creating environments where occupants have the best chances of escaping unharmed in the unfortunate event of a fire.

Whatever the specific challenge of your building design, our expert Technical team is on hand to help you select the best fire performance solutions for your building project.

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