The right installation matters

Insulation plays a crucial role in creating energy-efficient buildings. In fact, buildings in Australia are responsible for approximately 20% of the country’s total energy use and 18% of greenhouse gas emissions*. This number continues to rise, emphasising the need for stricter energy efficiency standards.

As these standards become more stringent, it’s essential to focus on ensuring that products and services are installed correctly to deliver their promised long-term benefits. A well-insulated building is the cornerstone of achieving effective and sustainable energy efficiency levels.

Consider these factors to maximise your insulation thermal performance:

  1. Start by choosing the right insulation product for the specific project. We can guide you on this process.
  1. Ensure the products meet Australian Standards, independently tested for fire, thermal and acoustic performance. All Fletcher Insulation products comply with the relevant Australian Standards.
  1. Proper installation of the right insulation leads to long-lasting benefits. If it’s improperly installed it can significantly diminish its expected benefits over time. And just as with insulation products, there are established Australian Standards for installation. Choose a reputable contractor who offers this service. We can help you find insulation installers in your area.
  1. Once insulation is in place, it’s generally out of sight and difficult to access after construction is complete. Inspection during construction ensures the correct insulation is used and properly installed.
  1. For DIY renovators there are Fletcher insulation products to suit your needs. We provide guidance on how to choose the right insulation and install it safely and accurately.

* Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC) (2016). Low Carbon, High Performance, p.27.