Sisalation® Vapawrap® Residential Wall Wrap

Sisalation® Vapawrap® Residential Wall Wrap
  • Designed for use in Australia’s cold regions where a water vapour permeable membrane may be required.
  • Assists in condensation management
  • Up to 8 weeks UV resistance, which helps reduce building delays by allowing internal building works to progress before the external façade is installed.
  • Suitable for use behind lightweight cladding such as fibre cement sheets, weather board and timber; as well as brick veneer constructions (refer to the Technical Data Sheet for further detail).
  • Designed to comply with the requirements of AS/NZS 4200.1
  • Features a water-proofing, highly permeable membrane which is laminated and reinforced to non woven polypropylene fabric.
  • Assists in minimising draughts which enables bulk insulation to perform more effectively.
  • When overlapped and sealed with a suitable tape, Sisalation® Vapawrap® Vapour Permeable Wall Wrap provides a secondary skin against moisture, vapour, wind and dust penetration.
  • Protects the building frame by minimising the amount of rain and dust that penetrates the wall.
  • Suitable for use in walls with a BAL of 0 – FZ in accordance with AS 3959-2009.
  • Use with 3M Seaming Tape (code: 318838) to seal wrap joins to avoid moisture ingress and seal the building for weather tightness.

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