Roof Razor Insulation Spacer

Roof Razor Insulation Spacer
  • Leading metal insulation spacer; engineered to allow full recovery of insulation between the safety wire mesh and metal deck cladding in typical commercial roof systems.
  • Ideal solution to satisfy NCC, Section J Energy Efficiency requirements.
  • Boasts an impressive national reputation built on ease and speed of installation.
  • Seamless compatibility with all relevant insulation blankets and roof cladding profiles.
  • Suitable for use on roofs with a pitch up to and including 30 degrees.
  • Options for cyclonic regions.
  • Wide and stable enough to walk and balance on – may be trafficked the same as a purlin.
  • Supplied pre-loaded with screws for rapid installation.
  • 1200mm length to match typical Permastop® Building Blanket width, allowing for a direct line of sight to the purlin.
  • Incorporates an overlapping tab which specifies where to position the consecutive spacer.
  • Cuts through insulation to give a direct connection to the purlin, ensuring that over time the bracket will not loosen as a result of vibration and movement.
  • Australian made.

Product descriptionSpacer height
Pieces per packLineal metres per packProduct code
Roof Razor® Standard ; pre-loaded8567.2396291
Roof Razor® Standard; not pre-loaded (for fixing to timber battens)8567.2396295
Roof Razor® Cyclonic; pre-loaded8567.2396293

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