FirmaSoft™ Wall Insulation

FirmaSoft™ Wall Insulation

New FirmaSoft™ wall and ceiling insulation batts are perfectly balanced – soft and comfortable to handle, with a firm fit for easy installation and superior thermal and acoustic performance.

  • Soft to handle
  • Stay firmly in place
  • Low dust formula
  • Made in Australia
  • Up to 80% recycled content
  • Non-combustible

FirmaSoft™ Batts Range

ProductR-ValueDimensions (mm)Thickness (mm)m² per packPieces per packPacks per BaleProduct CodeCoverage m² per pack
FirmaSoft™ Wall BattsR1.51160 x 4307011.022690028112.4
R1.51160 x 5807014.822690028016.9
R2.01160 x 4309011.022590028212.4
R2.01160 x 5809012.118590028313.8
FirmaSoft™ Ceiling BattsR3.51160 x 4301758.01649002869
R3.51160 x 5801756.71069002877.7
R4.11160 x 4301955.01059002885.6
R4.11160 x 5801956.71069002897.7
R5.01160 x 4302154.0859002904.5
R5.01160 x 5802155.4859002916.1

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