Oak & Orange Dream Home 6

Fletcher Insulation partnered with design duo Heather and Sarah from @oakandorange on their Dream Home 6 – Cosy Contemporary Cottage.

Oak and Orange is the union of two friends, Heather and Sarah, who have pooled their interior design skills and a flair for style, working together for the past 10 years. Jointly they focus on the look and feel of residential home interiors and exteriors built by Better Built Homes, who are also their respective husbands.

Via video and photography on social media, Heather and Sarah detail real-life experiences that arise with each house build. They share design tips and showcase methods of approaching different styling challenges.

With emphasis on ‘easy to clean’ and ’storage for growing families’, Heather and Sarah deliver impressive interiors which are practical and comfortable to live in.

Their Dream Home 6 is a  ‘cosy country cottage’ built in Silverdale in south western Sydney. Through their series of social media videos, Heather and Sarah take viewers through the construction journey providing explanation about building material choices along the way. In Episodes 1, 3 and 5, Fletcher Insulation products are detailed as part of the house build.

Sisalation® Vapawrap Residential Wall Wrap was used to wrap the frame of the home to provide weather tightness and assist in reducing dust ingress. Sisalation® Vapawrap Residential Wall Wrap will also protect the home against moisture and mould as it is a material designed to allow moisture vapour to escape.

Pink® Batts were used widely throughout the interior and exterior wall cavities of the home.

For additional acoustic benefits, Pink® Soundbreak batts are used in the interior walls between the rooms where noise transmission needs to be managed, such as between the media and living rooms of the home.