Melbourne Jet Base

An exclusive look into the Melbourne jet base

Specified on the Melbourne Jet Base, Fletcher Insulation products not only meet the facility’s thermal and acoustic requirements but also contribute to its aesthetic appeal.

The recently-completed Melbourne Jet Base is Australia’s first truly world-class private jet facility. Located at Tullamarine airport, it includes two aircraft hangers, as well as luxury lounges, dining rooms, personal suites and secure meeting rooms.

Everything about the facility – from its undulating ‘wing’ form to its warm interior fit-out, to the presence of its own customs and immigration staff – is intended to enhance the travel experience of those who pass through it.

This extends to the materials used in the base’s construction where quality and functionality were important aspects of the brief.

Acknowledging the frequent jet blasts the building would have to deal with, effective acoustic insulation was a priority. Products from Fletcher Insulation were specified on the roof of the main aircraft hangar, as well as on the lounge area, between the roof and ‘structural deck’.

The project’s builder, Hutchison Builders chose local commercial roofing service provider Professional Plumbing Contractors (PPC) to install not just the insulation, but all the project’s roofing, as well as sections of polycarbonate cladding.

“The structural deck is basically a 1mm thick corrugated sheet, which effectively acts as the ceiling. In that area, we installed 130mm Permastop® Building Blanket. It was specified to achieve an R3 value in bulk insulation and was key to maximising the total thermal system rating. An added benefit was the creation of optimum acoustic and climatic conditions on both transfer and absorption.” said Matt.
McDonald, PPC Project Estimator

“We also used about 17,000 sqm of 55mm Permastop® Building Blanket, which has an R1.3 rating, along with heavy duty paper on the hangar. The 55mm Permastop® Building Blanket was specified to also create effective acoustic conditions in the office space”.

As he explained, 130mm Permastop® Building Blanket was initially specified across the whole project, however because the hangars don’t require a R3 rating, that was changed to 55mm Permastop® Building Blanket in that area.

And, because the underside of the hangar roof was completely exposed, they used white Sisalation® instead of the standard silver. Aesthetics were important to the client, so every effort was made to ensure the look and finish was as close to perfect as possible.

For example, Fletcher Insulation provided the Permastop® Building Blanket with a looser wound than normal.
“Our foreman, who had used the product in a similar application once before, asked to have it loosely rolled because he knew this would prevent the white Sisalation® crinkling when glued to the insulation,” said Matt.

“Fletcher Insulation made the change and the result is exactly what the builder wanted. The hangar roof looks sensational from below looking up.”

According to Matt, for his team, the project’s main challenge involved the lounge area. “Timings surrounding the structural deck, the insulation and the roof sheets were complex,” he said.

Again, he said, Fletcher Insulation was up to the challenge. Together with PPC, they anticipated problems before they arose.

“The Fletcher team worked really closely with me from tender stage all the way through to ordering. We didn’t have a lot of challenges because we foresaw what was coming up and worked closely to get the project across the line,” he said.

“I was still a roofer when I started working with Fletcher Insulation. Now that I’ve progressed into my current estimating role, I’ve become really comfortable with the way they work. where we’ve got big projects, they come in and meet with us to work through the issues we are likely to face, so when we start the build we don’t run into any dramas.”

PPC finished the project on time and within budget. Melbourne Jet Base is now fully functional and around 100 private aircraft are already using the facility each month.

Today, with a little help from Fletcher Insulation, discerning travellers who choose to pass through it can look forward to a safe, secure, comfortable – and peacefully silent – travel experience.


“That type of flexibility and responsiveness is typical of Fletcher Insulation. Having worked with them for the best part of 20 years, I know that the relationship I have with them is one of the main factors behind the success of our projects.”
Matt – Professional Plumbing Contractors (PPC)
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