FI22 Ductwrap

FI22 Ductwrap
  • A lightweight, flexible insulation blanket designed for external lagging of sheetmetal ductwork as well as low to medium temperature industrial equipment and appliances.
  • Typically suited for use in applications such as air-conditioning ductwork, hot water tanks, and as an effective energy saving material on process vessels operating up to 340°C.
  • The glasswool blanket component is sufficiently flexible to wrap around sharp angles and small radii with sufficient compressive strength to maintain its thickness.
  • FBS-1 Glasswool Bio-Soluble Insulation® – safe to use.
  • Manufactured from up to 80% recycled content.
  • Australian made.

Facing TypeMaterial R-value
Nominal thickness
Roll dimensionsDensity
Mass/unit area
Sisalation® Heavy Duty Reflective Foil Laminate (1200mm wide to match the width of the insulation blanket).R0.7251200mm x 15m220.6
R1.1381200mm x 15m220.8
R1.2411200mm x 18m220.9
R1.5501200mm x 15m221.1
R2.0751200mm x 7.5m221.7
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