Our History


Fletcher Insulation traces its history back to the 1930’s, when the Australian Sisalkraft company began manufacturing packaging, wall wraps and building membrane products. Foil was added to Sisalkraft paper in the 1940’s to create the insulation product we know as ‘Sisalation®.

Shortly afterwards, in the 1950s, ACI Australia began to manufacture glasswool insulation and developed insulation batts, forging ahead of competitors still supplying old-fashioned granulated rockwool. The ACI advertising campaign of the 1970’s, featuring the Pink® Panther, made Pink Batts® a household name.

Insulco was established in 1979 and gained market share throughout the 80’s and 90’s with its Fat Batts® and Vapa-Chek® products.

These brands and businesses were united early in the new century when Fletcher Building of New Zealand acquired Insulco in 2003 and Insulation Solutions (formerly ACI Insulation) in 2005. Fletcher Insulation was born, bringing together successful brands and merging flourishing, customer-oriented companies.

Today, Fletcher Insulation stands as a leading insulation manufacturer and distributor supplying renowned brands Australians love and trust. With a national sales and distribution footprint comprising of two manufacturing plants and over fourteen branches nationally, we pride ourselves on providing first-class products and technical support to deliver extraordinary value to our customers.

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