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Fletcher Insulation manufactures and distributes a leading range of insulation brands Australians love and trust. Pink Batts® and Sisalation® are undoubtedly the two most common brands that come to mind when you think insulation. That is because, over a period of 55+ years, our Pink Batts® and Sisalation® products have continuously delivered exceptional value to Australians.

Our ongoing research and development has seen the evolution of these brands over many years as we have continuously worked to set a new benchmark in insulation. In 2014, Fletcher Insulation launched its innovative ‘soft touch’ insulation making Pink Batts® considerably less itchy than traditional glasswool products. This innovation is one of many examples where good just got better. We have no doubt that in years to come, the brands Australian’s have grown to love and trust will continue to evolve to deliver greater benefits to our customers.

In the roofing sector, our Permastop® Building Blanket range together with Roof Razor® and Roof Rack® insulation spacers stand as leading system solutions. These products deliver remarkable product performance and installation efficiencies that our customers appreciate. Roof Razor® and Roof Rack® insulation spacers each encompass their own special design features intended to improve the way in which a roof is laid. The key benefits these products deliver explains why leading roofers endorse these products day in, day out.

As we look ahead, we have no doubt that our portfolio of products will continue to grow to meet customers’ needs. In recent years, new ranges such as Foam Cell reflective insulation and PiRFORMATHERM® PIR insulation have been added to our portfolio to deliver a wider range of product options. These products will be delivered with the same service and quality standards we pride ourselves on.

When it comes to insulation products and accessories, choosing products that are backed by a leading supplier with decades of manufacturing and technical experience, provides greater assurance as you construct your new home or building. We are confident we can assist you with your insulation needs, irrespective of project type, scope or size.

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