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CREATE YOUR BEST HOME; HEALTHY, EFFICIENT, COMFORTABLE AND CONNECTED TO THE COMMUNITY. is a collaborative community supported by a group of Australia’s leading design, building, assessment and manufacturing industry organisations, including ICANZ. They are committed to providing the very best information to help you reduce your running costs and your impact on the environment without sacrificing your lifestyle. […]

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Energy Cost Savings

The prime purpose of insulating buildings is to make them more comfortable and energy efficient. Properly insulated buildings provide numerous benefits:

Significant energy savings every year for the life of the building. This equates to a reduction in energy costs that in some cases amount to several hundred of dollars in savings per annum. […]

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Health Benefits of Glasswool

The right insulation correctly installed can significantly improve comfort and health in the home. Insulation helps protect the overall quality of life.
Research conducted in New Zealand involving 1,400 homes and nearly 5,000 individuals found that people living in insulated homes that were warmer and drier reported a significant improvement in the health of adults and children compared to people living in uninsulated homes (Housing and Health Research Program, […]

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Founding Member of ICANZ

Fletcher Insulation is a proud founding member of the Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ). ICANZ was formed in July 2004 to replace the industry association, FARIMA. This new body now includes New Zealand membership reflecting the trend towards common building standards, closer ties in research, testing and other trans-Tasman building initiatives. […]

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