Our Brands

We take immense pride in preserving the legacy and significance of our product brands, applying the same dedication to newly available products.

Recognising that our brands serve as emblems of trustworthiness and credibility in the building industry, we hold a deep sense of responsibility towards them. In an arena where substantial investments and long-term partnerships are the norm, trust is of paramount importance.

Our brands are not only a testament to our enduring commitment to maintaining elevated standards, but they also embody innovation and adaptability in meeting the evolving demands of the industry.

Pink Batts®, Pink® Soundbreak®, Pink®Partition

These iconic brands represent our market leading glasswool thermal and acoustic insulation products, proudly manufactured in Australia at our Dandenong operation in Victoria.

Our Pink Batts® and Pink® Soundbreak® products are widely used in residential construction, predominantly in detached houses, duplexes, townhouses and low rise apartments. Pink® Partition batts and blankets are used across the full spectrum of commercial projects spanning offices, educational institutions (such as schools and universities), healthcare (including hospitals and medical centres), aged care facilities, high rise apartments, retail complexes, hospitality and entertainment venues, and transportation hubs.

The Pink® and Pink Batts® brand names, and the distinctive PINK® colour, are registered trademarks of Owens Corning, licensed for use by Fletcher Insulation, a tradition upheld since ACI Insulation’s stewardship in the 1960s.

Owens Corning’s groundbreaking trademarking of the PINK® colour in 1985 marked an historic milestone, making it the first American company to claim a colour of its own. This trademark process is exacting, requiring three key criteria for approval: it must distinguish the company from its competitors, it cannot impact the cost or quality of the product, and it must not serve a functional purpose.

In the mid 1950s, insulation on the market was predominantly white or yellow. Seeking to set themselves apart, Owens Corning introduced a red dye into their glasswool insulation. Unexpectedly, the result was not red, but a vivid shade of pink. Initially viewed as a temporary measure, executives soon recognised the immediate distinction it brought to their product. To their surprise, contractors and installers began specifically asking for the “pink insulation”. This unanticipated turn of events unveiled the brilliance of this inadvertent but innovative product.

The legacy endures, epitomised by our unwavering commitment to upholding the excellence and trust synonymous with the Pink® brand in Australia.


A brand deeply rooted in our history, Sisalation® represents a range of insulation and building membrane products that have garnered trust and recognition over the years. Its origins trace back to the 1940s, when it was first introduced as a solution to address specific industry needs. Since then, Sisalation® has evolved and expanded offering to meet a broader spectrum of building industry requirements.

Today Sisalation® covers an array of protective building membranes including reflective foil insulation vapour and water barriers, vapour permeable wall wraps and roof sarkings, and foamcell wall wraps and roof sarkings for greater thermal insulation.

Much like our Pink® brands, Sisalation® embodies our commitment to quality, innovation, and adaptability. It stands as a testament to our ongoing pursuit of excellence in providing reliable solutions for the building industry.

With Sisalation®, we continue to uphold the same unwavering dedication to trustworthiness and credibility that defines our brand portfolio. We look forward to the future, confident that Sisalation® will continue to be a cornerstone in meeting the evolving demands of the construction landscape.


As a versatile solution, Permastop® Building Blanket excels in metal roof and wall applications, as well as underslab concrete soffit installations. Renowned for its thermal and acoustic performance, this brand elevates construction across various building types. By mitigating heat transfer and dampening internal reverberation and unwanted noise, Permastop® fosters and environment of comfort and tranquillity. Its role in condensation management, particularly in metal cladding applications, reinforces its significant in construction.

Roof Razor®

Designed exclusively for metal roof construction, Roof Razor® is a spacer solution that bridges the gap between the roof structure and external cladding. This clever design facilitates insulation to recover to its full nominal thickness, effectively reducing thermal bridging.


Introducing FirmaSoft®, a more recent addition to our portfolio of esteemed brands. Crafted in our cutting-edge glasswool manufacturing facility in Australia, FirmaSoft® was conceived with the needs of home builders and renovators at its core.

This innovative product offers the same recovery and rigidity characteristics found in our renowned Pink® glasswool insulation ranges, but with an added emphasis on installation comfort. FirmaSoft is designed to be soft to touch and has low dust levels for a cleaner installation process. It’s the perfect choice for those seeking both performance and ease of handling in their insulation solution.