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Top 5 Insulation Installation Tips

Installing insulation in a new dwelling or adding insulation to an existing building can make a significant difference to the comfort levels and energy performance of a home, but it is vital that the insulation is installed correctly.
To install insulation without compromising its effectiveness, here are the top 5 insulation installation tips you should consider:

thermal bridging; […]

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New Sisalation® Product Guides
New Sisalation® Product Guides available for download

We are excited to announce the launch of the  New Sisalation® Product Guide Brochures, consisting of; Tile Roof, Metal Roof, Wall Wrap and Permeable Membranes brochures.
These are now available from the below links for downloading:
The Sisalation® Permeable Membrane Product Guide incorporates the Sisalation® Vapawrap™ Wall and  Sisalation® Vapawrap™  Metal Roof products, […]

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Sisalation Tile Roof Product
Sisalation® Tile Roof Product Guide

Sisalation® Tile Roof
All Sisalation® products in the Sisalation® Tile Roof Range are specifically recommended for installation under tiled roofs following rigorous testing of their individual performance characteristics and superior quality features in these applications.
Best For
Use as sarking under concrete and terracotta tile roofs. […]

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inside of an empty warehouse with sislation foam cell "it's what's on the inside that counts"
Introducing Sisalation® Foam Cell

Fletcher Insulation is proud to announce the launch of its new reflective composite range, Sisalation® Foam Cell!
Officially launched in January 2016, the new range boasts the industry leading Sisalation® brand to endorse the level of sophistication ascribed to it. Sisalation® has undoubtedly led the pliable building membranes industry with a pedigree dating back to WWII; […]

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Man using a mobile device transposed into the side of a building
FletcherSpec™ Pro is Here!

Fletcher Insulation is excited to announce the launch of FletcherSpec™ Pro, an evolutionary software providing users with complete step by step guidance in specifying the correct insulation required to satisfy energy efficiency requirements as outlined in the National Construction Code (NCC).
The interactive app is designed to transform what is generally deemed a complex and time consuming task into a streamlined, […]

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