Determine the possible total noise level from running several machines (with a known noise output) simultaneously.

Determine the resultant noise level if a new machine is added to an existing noisy area.

Determine the effect that background noise levels will have on the overall noise level.

Addition of Decibels (dB) is not a simple task given that the Decibel scale is logarithmic. Calculate the added resultant noise level expected by providing a number of noise levels.

Noise 1:  dB
Noise 2:  dB
Noise 3:  dB
Noise 4:  dB
Noise 5:  dB
Noise 6:  dB
Noise 7:  dB
Noise 8:  dB
Noise 9:  dB
Resultant Noise Level:  dB

Note: Tools and Calculators are designed to provide indicative figures only. For more accurate data specific to your construction, contact Fletcher Insulation Technical Services prior to commencing a project.

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