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At Fletcher Insulation, our unwavering commitment to producing exceptional glasswool insulation is firmly rooted in a longstanding heritage of expertise. We’re driven by a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices, ensuring that each glasswool product we create aligns with our purpose for a better world through insulation and innovation, simply delivered.

Sustainability and Environmental Management

A clear testament to our sustainability commitment lies in our ability to use up to 80 percent of raw materials sourced from post-consumer waste channels. This includes glass from scrap cars, remnants from glass manufacturing, and bottle glass from the packaging and recycling sectors. Further, by optimising the use of post-consumer glass in manufacturing, less energy is used in the furnace compared with virgin glass.

Quality Assurance and Control

These functions are paramount in our glasswool manufacturing, ensuring that the final products meet rigorous industry standards and perform optimally in various applications. Here, at Fletcher Insulation, we have implemented leading-edge measures to guarantee the quality and reliability of our glasswool insulation. Our plant has ISO9001 accreditation and importantly our key glasswool product lines are Codemark certified, which mandates a comprehensive third-party accreditation that covers product standards, quality processes and installation instructions.

Raw Material Inspection

It all starts with a thorough examination of the raw materials. Our experts meticulously inspect the incoming materials to verify their quality and suitability for the manufacturing process. This includes checking the composition and consistency of recycled glass, ensuring it meets our exact specifications.

Precision Formulation

The formulation of raw materials is a critical step in glasswool manufacturing. Our engineers have fine-tuned the process to achieve the exact mix of inputs required to create the desired insulation properties. This precise formulation is key to producing insulation products with consistent and reliable performance.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Equipment

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with cutting-edge machinery designed to ensure precise and efficient production. These advanced technologies not only enhance the speed and efficiency of our manufacturing process, but also contribute to the overall quality of the product. Fletcher Insulation works closely with our technology partner Owens Corning to deliver the best manufactured product with the latest technology advancements in glasswool manufacturing.

Stringent Process Controls

Throughout the manufacturing process, we employ stringent process controls to monitor key parameters such as temperature, pressure, and flow rates. This ensures that the glasswool is produced under the optimal conditions necessary for achieving the desired insulation properties.

Comprehensive Testing Procedures

We subject our glasswool products to a battery of tests to verify their performance characteristics. This includes assessments of thermal conductivity, sound absorption, non-combustibility, fire resistance, moisture resistance, firmness, recovery and other critical attributes. These tests serve as a final validation of the product’s quality and suitability for its intended application. Our products are tested and validated against product and quality standards by independent NATA accredited laboratories.

Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Our quality assurance practices are designed to meet or exceed all relevant and regulatory standards. This ensures that our glasswool insulation not only performs reliably, but also meets safety and environmental requirements.

In summary, our commitment to quality assurance and control is woven into every step of the glasswool manufacturing process. It is through these rigorous measures that we are able to consistently delivery insulation products such as Pink Batts®, Pink® Soundbreak®, Pink® Partition and FirmaSoft® that meet and exceed industry benchmarks for performance, safety, and sustainability. We are also proud to supply Sisalation® which also goes under significant quality and independent verification by NATA accredited laboratories.

Pink insulation being produced. Stage before cutting
Fletcher Insulation person measuring Pink batt for quality assurance