The Hedberg Case Study

Application: HVAC Ducting
Performance Solution: Sound Attenuation and Thermal Resistance
Product: FI32 Semi Rigid Glasswool Insulation, with Vapastop® 883 Facing Foil

The Hedberg is a new creative industry and performing arts project, incorporating Hobart’s Theatre Royal and the University of Tasmania’s Conservatorium of Music. The project includes a contemporary building integrated with one of Hobart’s historic landmarks, the Theatre Royal.

Delivering an energy efficient solution within the rigorous acoustic, thermal and energy performance specifications required a different way of thinking and Fletcher Insulation’s FI32 Semi Rigid Glasswool Insulation range was the ideal solution for such a challenging requirement.

Fletcher Insulation’s FI32 Semi Rigid Glasswool Insulation range was the ideal choice as an internal liner for the fabricated air conditioning ductwork on the Hedberg Project where all three requirements of; acoustic performance, a vapour barrier and air quality management were accomplished.

The use of Vapastop® 883 Facing Foil adhered to FI32 Semi Rigid Glasswool Insulation is ideal for air handling ductwork applications. The strong and durable vapour barrier helps prevent fibre erosion of the glasswool insulation lining, which otherwise can lead to fibres entering the air-stream of the HVAC system.

Vapastop® 883 facing provides excellent acoustic absorption without the need for perforation when applied to glass wool insulation blanket and boards. The sealed, non-perforated surface of Vapastop® 883 provides a superior alternative to the combined facing option of HDP (heavy duty perforated foil) and Mylar/ Melinax film, while still offering exceptional sound absorption performance.

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