Green Manufacturing

Fletcher Insulation’s commitment to sustainability and protecting the environment does not begin and end with supplying products which promote energy efficiency. It originates with our manufacturing processes. Fletcher Insulation products guarantee the use of ODP free insulation whilst ensuring that no harmful levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are released. This allows the incorporation of environmentally preferable insulation while maintaining indoor air quality.

In order to preserve the environment, Fletcher Insulation products are manufactured using recycled materials wherever possible. Approximately 80% of the glass used in our glasswool insulation production is recycled, turning a waste product otherwise destined for landfill into an environmental defender.

In 2015, Fletcher Insulation invested over $8 million in an upgrade of its world leading glasswool insulation manufacturing plant at Dandenong. These new systems will reduce emissions associated with the production of insulation. The upgrade involved the installation of 5 Wet Electro Static Precipitator’s (WESP). These devices use electrical forces to move particles within exhaust gases onto a collection surface. Once on the surface, the exhaust particles are washed away using recycled water into a waste bin and treated or recycled onsite.

In line with its ‘Building Better, Together’ mission, Fletcher Insulation will continue its commitment to seeking and developing new manufacturing processes which promote sustainability today and into the future.

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