Corporate Social Responsibility

Fletcher Insulation plants operate under an EPA license which covers water management, emissions and waste. We have regular contact with EPA regarding our performance in line with the license requirements and part of the arrangement includes an annual audit by the EPA. Our recently renewed license also requires that a full independent audit of the site’s environmental management process be carried out.In the near future we will develop EIP (Environmental Improvement Plan) as a follow up to the audit. This will cover short and long term, actions to address any concerns identified during the audit.

Fletcher Insulation is committed to creating an environmentally sustainable future. decided to remain where she was as long as there was room for her.

Pink Batts insulation®

Certified by the Good Environmental Choice Australia ( and have been awarded ECO LABEL.Products that are ‘GECA Certified’ automatically comply with the requirements under Emissions, Indoor Environment Quality, Material Credits within all Green Star tools. These products do not need to present documentation other than their GECA Certificate in order to satisfy the criteria.

Green Manufacturing

Fletcher Insulation™ have invested heavily in Green manufacturing processes with the Dandenong plant now utilising a cleaner, greener furnace to produce molten glass for the manufacture of glasswool insulation. Other environmental initiatives Fletcher Insulation™ has embraced includes using approximately 80% recycled glass in its process.

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