The Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme (NatHERS) is a national framework for the purpose of regulating how Australian homes are rated for their thermal performance.

The cost and environmental impacts of heating and cooling a home can be reduced through good design and construction of new homes. Assessment of a building’s thermal performance, at design stage by a NatHERS accredited assessor, can identify simple and economical ways to make it more comfortable and save energy.

NatHERS house ratings use computer simulations to determine the potential thermal comfort of Australian homes on a scale of zero to 10 stars. The more stars, the less likely the occupants will require artificial cooling or heating to stay comfortable. A zero star rating means the building shell does practically nothing to reduce the discomfort of hot or cold weather. A six star rating indicates good, but not outstanding, thermal performance. Occupants of a 10 star rated home are unlikely to need any artificial cooling or heating.

A house can be rated before or after it is built. The rating depends on:

  • the layout of the home;
  • the construction of its roof, walls, windows and floors;
  • the orientation of windows and shading to the sun’s path and local breezes; and
  • how well these suit the local climate.

Energy consumption by hot water systems, lights or household appliances do not constitute part of the rating given that these fittings are usually replaced several times during the life of a building.

Insulation is a sure way to help fulfil your NatHERS energy efficiency requirements. For further information relating to energy efficiency, contact Fletcher Insulation’s Technical Services Team on 1300 654 444.

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