Founding Member of ICANZ

Founding Member of ICANZ

Fletcher Insulation is a proud founding member of the Insulation Council of Australia and New Zealand (ICANZ). ICANZ was formed in July 2004 to replace the industry association, FARIMA. This new body now includes New Zealand membership reflecting the trend towards common building standards, closer ties in research, testing and other trans-Tasman building initiatives.

Issues of future energy supply, energy efficiency, climate change and sustainability are now high on the agendas of both governments and industry.

The insulation industry has an important role to play in helping address these issues. The insulation market in Australia and New Zealand has an estimated value of over $450 million and employs over 5,000 people, directly and indirectly. ICANZ members represent approximately 70% of this market.

ICANZ will focus on the contribution insulation can make to address these issues, now and into the future. It will be actively involved in advocacy at both State and Federal Government levels on matters of policy development.

Insulation has a fundamental role to play in improving the energy efficiency of the built environment. But it is also only part of the total mix of product and design. ICANZ works closely with other allied associations, both locally and internationally, to provide better data and practical cost-effective solutions to meet requirements for energy efficiency and environmental design in buildings.

Fletcher Insulation is committed to producing products that meet the new insulation performance standard, AS/NZS 4859.1, to ensure maximum cost savings and environmental benefits.

The introduction of regulations for minimum energy requirements in residential dwellings has unearthed a significant lack of knowledge of energy efficient design and insulation performance. Fletcher Insulation provides additional education and information to assist building professionals and consumers have a better understanding of these matters.

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