Energy Cost Savings

The prime purpose of insulating buildings is to make them more comfortable and energy efficient. Properly insulated buildings provide numerous benefits:

  • Significant energy savings every year for the life of the building. This equates to a reduction in energy costs that in some cases amount to several hundred of dollars in savings per annum.
  • A short term payback on invested costs; in some cases just within a few years.
  • Improvements in comfort, energy bill control, noise control, maintenance costs, property values and health outcomes. In some studies these benefits have been found to be larger than the savings in energy costs.
  • Due to lower energy use, a reduction in household greenhouse gas emissions.
  • An increase in assessed energy efficiency, sustainability and liveability ratings. Insulation is not expensive. Insulating the walls and ceilings of a typical new Australian house costs less than 1% of the construction cost. For an existing home, the costs of ceiling insulation can be repaid – primarily through energy savings – over a couple of years.

The table below illustrates the potential annual savings for the average insulated Australian home:

CeilingsTop-up existing ceiling
$ Savings p.a.300499139
Star rating improvement with insulation2.
GHG savings in tonnes p.a.(t CO2-e)0.930.150.290.11
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