Specifier Advisory



Specifying the most efficient and cost-effective thermal and acoustic insulation products to be used in a building can be a daunting task. Architects, Specifiers and Building Certifiers are faced with an overwhelming range of products and brands and have to meet stringent requirements prescribed by the National Construction Code (NCC) and Australian Standards, especially in relation to energy efficiency. On top of this they have to bear in mind the cost and often the aesthetic value of the products they specify or approve.

Fletcher Insulation provides positive support for building specification professionals in two practical ways:

  1. by being a one-stop shop for all their clients’ thermal and acoustic insulation needs;
  2. by providing FletcherSpec™ Pro, an online specifier advisory service which helps building construction professionals find the perfect insulation products for their project.

Launched in 2015, FletcherSpec™ Pro has revolutionised the way in which thermal calculations pertaining to wall, floor and roof systems are generated. The software provides complete user flexibility allowing for an infinite number of system variations to be generated. Architects and Specifiers are able to develop a standard system through the use of pre-existing templates or alternatively, may opt to build a custom system from scratch. Either way, FletcherSpec™ Pro provides complete guidance from start to finish prompting users when they have fulfilled relevant Deemed-to-Satisfy provisions. Moreover, Fletcher Insulation’s comprehensive insulation offering means you are able to satisfy the vast majority of your insulation specification requirements through a single provider, saving you and you clients time and money.

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