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With the rise of the architecture, engineering and construction sector, the building industry is now, more than ever, focused on delivering energy efficient structures. Subsequently, aspects such as energy efficient and sustainable design are never far from designers’ minds.

The adoption of smarter, more streamlined approaches through the multiple stages of a development makes a world of difference in terms of fulfilling the criteria applicable to a given project.

Unfortunately not all projects are designed or built in accordance with building standards. Take energy efficiency requirements as an example, failure to design and construct energy efficient systems that are compliant to various building class types and across numerous geographic regions can increase building occupants’ energy costs. Such costs could have been minimised if the correct insulation was selected from the outset.

Energy audits have summarised the true costs of insufficient insulation, with one study showing that buildings waste up to 20 percent of the heat they generate when inadequate levels of insulation have been specified and installed. This not only creates significant costs for home and building owners but also compromises the comfort levels of the building.

Adhering to applicable building codes and regulations is imperative as it mitigates the risk of specifying inadequate products that can compromise the building’s operational energy efficiency. However, the research involved in determining what is required to satisfy building codes and regulations can prove to be a time consuming, complex task which only becomes more cumbersome when an individual must trail the internet to find a product that is both fit for purpose and will satisfy the stipulated building code requirements. What appears to be a relatively simple, straightforward process could soon prove to be a gargantuan effort.

Yet it doesn’t need to be this difficult, with a new app designed to streamline the insulation specification process across various building classes, specifying insulation 6 star requirements just became a whole lot easier.

Efficiency effect

Fletcher Insulation has developed ‘FletcherSpec™ Pro’, an app intended to overcome many traditional issues Architects and Builders face when specifying insulation. The app provides a near complete support structure guiding users through the entire insulation specification process. FletcherSpec™ Pro delivers centralisation of the multitude of tasks associated with typical System R-value calculations including but not limited to; determining the relevant climate zone, referencing applicable energy efficiency requirements, considering solar absorption values of roof cladding and selecting the correct insulation products for the application. This drastically minimises the need to manually cross reference inconsistent or out-dated handbooks, technical data sheets and so on. Instead, users simply answer a series of targeted questions which the app uses to determine relevant energy efficiency requirements as outlined in the National Construction Code Deemed to Satisfy provisions. The app then progresses to calculate the Total R-value of the design based on the inputs entered by the user. This saves the user a great deal of time and allows for a streamlined process with regard to specifying insulation.

Sourcing solution

The app allows for complete flexibility providing users with the option of selecting one of many preloaded roof, wall or floor design templates or alternatively customising a new system to specific requirements.

Either way, the apps flexibility and adaptability provides an infinite number of possibilities. The app zones in on specific details to improve the accuracy of the information provided. Incorporation of an inbuilt postcode filter allows users to determine the relevant climate zone by entering the postcode and Local Government Area applicable to the project. Readily available COLORBOND® swatch charts allow users to select the colour of the metal cladding incorporated into the project design; this improves the accuracy of the result generated.

The app provides a multi-faceted, smarter approach to selecting suitable insulation. This overcomes the issues faced when trying to identify an appropriate product that will satisfy building code requirements.

Now with FletcherSpec™ Pro, individuals can design a roof, wall or floor system and proceed to incorporate insulation using a drop down menu containing suitable products.

Setting the standard

Getting the design of a project right the first time is a major factor for any project. Importantly, for Architects, Engineers and Builders, it is essential that the products incorporated into a structure satisfy relevant building codes. The products incorporated into FletcherSpec™ Pro have been thoroughly tested and conform to Australian Standards. This aids businesses in ensuring the products supplied will satisfy the thermal system requirements stipulated in the specification.

Australian building codes and regulations, with regard to greenhouse gas reduction, aim to conserve energy production resources by increasing the energy efficiency of Australian buildings. Adherence to such standards delivers an array of benefits. FletcherSpec™ Pro is an industry leading specification tool that will increase user confidence when it comes to specifying insulation.

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