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Sisalation® Tile Roof

All Sisalation® products in the Sisalation® Tile Roof Range are specifically recommended for installation under tiled roofs following rigorous testing of their individual performance characteristics and superior quality features in these applications.

Best For

Use as sarking under concrete and terracotta tile roofs. Sisalation® 465 Tile Roof is a strong, tear resistant, heavyweight, pliable building membrane.

Benefits of Sisalation®

Insulation All products in the Sisalation® Tile Roof range are tested in accordance with AS4200.1 and proven to provide significant lifelong thermal insulation benefits.

Protection Sisalation® is the essential barrier to the elements for any building – providing protection against elements such as wind, dust and rain in the event that roof tiles move or are broken.
Environmental Benefits All products in the Sisalation® Tile Roof range have been proven not to contain any ozone layer depleting substances. Quality All products in the Sisalation® Tile Roof range are manufactured in Australia under an ISO 9001 Certified Quality Management System.

Product Composition

With a Flammability Index of ≤5 in accordance with AS 1530.2:1993, Sisalation® Tile Roof is suitable for use in Bushfire Areas with a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of 0 – 40 in accordance with AS 3959-2009With a Flammability Index of ≤5 in accordance with AS 1530.2:1993, Sisalation® Multipurpose EHD is suitable for Wall Applications (BAL 0-FZ) and Roof Applications (BAL 0-40) in accordance with AS 3959-2009.

Sisalation® Tile Roof Range

Sisalation® Tiled Roof Heavy Duty (465)

Is a kraft paper and polymer weave based heavy weight product for use in more demanding conditions. Its extra weight makes it easier to lay even during windy conditions, minimising down time. It is resistant to puncturing and tearing, particularly for foot traffic during installation of roof tiles. The polymer coating provides an excellent water barrier in the event of a roof leak.

Sisalation® Tiled Roof Extra Heavy Duty (456)

Sisalation® 456 Multipurpose EHD is an extra heavy duty product designed for use as a pliable building membrane in the following applications:
– Residential brick veneer walls;
– Residential tile roofs and;
– Residential metal roofs (recommended to be installed under battens).

Installation Guidance

Sisalation® foil products should be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.2:1994 Pliable building membranes and underlays – Installation Requirements for Metal Roofs, Tile Roofs and Walls.
It should be installed with the antiglare face out and a 150mm overlap between runs. External cladding should be installed without delay. For System R-Value calculations using Sisalation® Tile Roof products go to In roof applications Sisalation® Tile Roof Sarking should also be installed under the battens and maintain a 40mm sag from roof tiles to ensure the durability and function of the product through its lifespan.
Foil products conduct electricity. It is important that safety is followed when installing this foil product. As a minimum have your electrician disconnect the electrical supply prior to installation to ensure that the foil is not ‘LIVE’. Reconnect the electrical supply after installation with a test to confirm that the foil is not conducting electricity.
Under no circumstances should this foil product be applied horizontally in residential ceiling space and under floor. Refer to the Australian / New Zealand Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000:2007) for more detailed information.
Important Notes: Prior to and during installation Sisalation® foil products must be kept dry and out of contact with alkaline products, cement and mortar. Sisalation® foil products are not designed to withstand weathering and external cladding should be applied without delay.


All products in the Sisalation® Tile Roof range are designed for installation across all of Australia’s many and varied environments. Residential buildings: They are suitable for application on both timber and steel framed buildings. Commercial buildings: They are not suitable for and should never be installed under metal roofs.

How Sisalation® Works

With a large surface area exposed to the sun, the roof area is the largest contributor to heat gain. Roofing materials (tiles and metal sheets) are often poor reflectors, potentially emitting 90% of heat gain into the ceiling space. With roof temperatures reaching upwards of 80°C, ceiling space temperatures can reach a whopping 54°C.
Correctly installed Sisalation® can:
• Significantly reduce ceiling space temperatures;
• Reduce heat transfer into the attic space, which reduces heat into living spaces;
• Reduce heat loads on attic ducts and equipment;
• Reduce ceiling temperatures and heat gain.
Radiant surface temperatures of walls and ceilings have a direct influence on interior comfort levels and energy costs. Using the benefits of aluminium foil, Sisalation® reflects 95% of radiant heat and emits only 5%.

A single layer of Sisalation®, combined with an adjacent air-space provides thermal resistance equivalent to a wall 7 bricks thick!

Weather Protection

Sisalation® not only insulates your home, but protects it from rain driven water infiltration. Sisalation® also limits dust from entering your building by sealing off draughts in the walls and roof  space.


Make sure your family stays cooler and more comfortable at home. Sisalation® reduces heat transfer through the envelope of a building. Where there’s a temperature difference, heat flows naturally from a warmer to a cooler space.


To maintain comfort in colder months, the heat lost must be replaced by the heating system. Sisalation® minimises radiant heat from escaping through the walls and roof by acting as a thermal barrier.

Technical Specifications

     Sisalation® 465 Tile Roof HD

Width mmLength mArea per roll m2Weight per roll kgProduct Code

     Sisalation® 456 Multipurpose EHD

 Width mm Length m Area per roll m2 Weight per roll kg Product Code


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