ICANZ Launches FREE Insulation Installation Tool

ICANZ (Insulation Council of Australia & New Zealand) have created a free insulation installation training tool for the domestic new build market. The insulation installation tool has been created in collaboration with a variety of key domestic building industry stakeholders and is available to all trades, associations and training organisations for the next 2 years… FREE!

It’s easy to access the ICANZ channel on the QIN mobile app for quality  information, instruction and training direct from your mobile or tablet.

Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the FREE app – search “QIN CodeSafe App” from your App store or click on the icon here
  2. Open – the app and Sign up (or Log in if you’re already a QIN user)
  3. Tap – the camera icon and hold your phone over the QR code

  1. Or if you prefer to access it from a desktop or laptop computer, just click on the link below from your web browser.



ICANZ will require viewers to sign up / login to the channel, but the content is FREE.

ICANZ abide by all relevant privacy laws regarding database access, your data is protected and not sold to advertising companies.

Try it FREE today!

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