Getting the most out of NCC 2022 and some simple tips

The NCC is coming into effect with a range of mandatory changes. Our teams can assist you in understanding the NCC 2022 and can help you with the right products to meet compliance. Further to the NCC 2022 changes there are a number of simple installation recommendations that can help you get the best performance from our products. They are:

  • Ensure products are installed in a manner that allows them to return to their design thickness and that insulation is not compressed in the intended application. If insulation is installed in a compressed state, it will not meet its intended performance
  • Ensure there are no gaps or voids in the areas deemed to be insulated. A simple 5% gap can lead to a 20% loss of performance that can be easily avoided with the right installation
  • Ensure insulation products are not wet during storage, installation or in application. Water impact can impact the thermal performance and damage faced insulation products
  • Follow Fletcher Insulation installation guidelines. Fletcher Insulation has a comprehensive range of installation guidelines that help ensure a successful installation to achieve and maintain best performance of our products.

Our sales teams are ready to assist with NCC changes and support on installation recommendations. We have a comprehensive range of installation guidelines that support our products that can be found on our website or provided by your local sales representative.

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